GRAMS (Gamma-Ray and AntiMatter Survey) is a novel project that is the first to target both astrophysical observations with MeV gamma-rays and an indirect dark matter search with antimatter. The GRAMS instrument is designed with a cost-effective, large-scale LArTPC (Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber) detector surrounded by plastic scintillators. The astrophysical observations at MeV energies have not yet been well-explorered (the so-called ‘MeV-gap’) and GRAMS can open a new window in this energy region.

GRAMS can improve sensitivity by more than an order of magnitude compared to previous experiments. The GRAMS detector is also optimized for cosmic-ray antimatter surveys to indirectly search for dark matter. In particular, low-energy antideuterons will provide an essentially background-free dark matter signature. With an exceptional sensitivity, GRAMS would be able to detect antideuterons from dark matter annihilation or decay even with a single balloon flight. GRAMS would also be able to investigate and validate possible dark matter signatures suggested by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.